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Pro Keys locksmith in Dallas Fort Worth TX- Your local, professional and reliable locksmiths! Call us now 972-865-6730
Pro Keys Locksmith is local, family owned and operated company that service the DFW area for over a decade. Our story began years ago, when we made the commitment to be the leading locksmith company in our area, and to provide our customers with world class care, we are proud to say that ever since we have serviced thousands of pleased customers that keep using our reliable locksmith services again and again. Pro Keys Locksmith offers a full line of Automotive, Residential and Commercial Locksmith services, as well as all of emergency locksmith services.
What makes our locksmith company in Dallas, TX outshine our competitors? Well, let’s begin with the best customer service, when you contact us you can be sure that from start to end, you will be treated just like family. Another great benefit is our second to none fast response time, in less than half an hour, we will arrive to your location fully equipped with top notch locksmith tools to ensure that no matter what job needs to get done- we will be able to provide it efficiently and in the most professional way. Pro Keys, your local locksmith in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas. 

Pro-Keys locksmith in Dallas, TX and neighboring cities offers a full line of Residential, Commercial and Automotive locksmith services in the DFW area, We are licensed bonded and insured for your safety.
We have a large crew of professional and experienced locksmith technicians that go through a thorough background check and are well trained and experienced , to ensure that you will get the highest quality of residential, commercial or automotive locksmith service in Dallas Fort Worth, TX. Call us now for a quick response! 972-865-6730 

They say money can’t buy experience..
Experience is not something you can purchase with a credit card, experience can only be acquired through hard work. We at Pro-Keys locksmith in Dallas Forth Worth, TX. are proud to say that with over 12 years of expansive experience in the DFW locksmith field and thousands of different projects that we have worked on- We are the leading, most experienced and qualified locksmith company in Dallas Fort Worth TX area. When it comes to the safety of your home, business or vehicle; don’t compromise for just any locksmith company, look for experience and expertise, credentials, and reputation. If you are looking for a reliable, professional and affordable locksmiths in Dallas Fort Worth TX  you have reached to the right place! Contact us now 972-865-6730 

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About Us

Our story began a decade ago, when we decided to provide our fellow texans with the absolute best locksmith in Dallas, TX and nearby cities. Ever since, our local locksmith company in Dallas Fort Worth TX had to privilege to service the community with much loyalty and expertise. We believe that in order to provide to best locksmith in Dallas, TX we must posses the right traits and set of skills. Pro Keys locksmith in Dallas TX only hires the best, most qualified reliable and expert locksmiths in Dallas , TX in order to make certain of obtaining the leading and most prestige reputations and of course, to ensure of customers will be 100% satisfied with the professionalism, integrity and rapidity of the locksmith service technicians. On top of that, we take great pride of being the most affordable locksmiths in Dallas Fort Worth, TX, our upfront, transparent pricing policy is one of our strong values, we strongly believe that great locksmith service shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, at the same time, our premium quality of service, hardware and expertise is not being subside due to our great, affordable rates. Another layer, is great customer service, we, at Pro Keys locksmith in Dallas, TX, will treat you like family from start to end, and hey, after all, we are the best family locksmiths in Dallas Fort Worth, TX! Call us now for quick, affordable and professional locksmith in Dallas, TX! 972-865-6730

Our Services 

Pro Keys locksmith in Dallas Forth Worth TX and surrounding areas provides a full line of different locksmith needs, From replacing your deadbolt, Installing a panic bar in your business to making replacement car keys for your vehicle, we do it all, and will be absolutely honored to service you! Some of our services include but are not limited to the following

Residential Locksmith in Dallas Fort Worth, TX 

Pro Keys locksmith in Dallas, TX is able to answer any residential locksmith need. When it comes to the safety and security of your home, you must choose the very best locksmiths in Dallas, TX. We offer complete locksmith services for your home. Our mobile service locksmiths are able to travel to your location, and perform any type of required locksmith service in the most efficient, professional and affordable manner. We use the very best hardware to maximize the security of your home, and to ensure you are getting the most durable, long lasting hardware. If you are moving to a new home, and looking to replace the old locks, or if you simply need to rekey your current locks for safety reasons, or when you are looking to add another layer of protection by installing a high security lock, choose Pro Keys locksmith in Dallas TX- Your local, friendly locksmiths from your home-town!

Pro Keys locksmith in Dallas Fort Worth TX are now offering a complete line of high security locks installation or repair! What are high security locks? If you are interested in increasing the safety and security of your residence to the maximum, we strongly encourage you to consider installing a high security lock, which is essentially another lock on top of your standard  deadbolt and door knob, which can be broken into quite easily. High security locks gives you, as a home owner the calmness of mind, knowing your family, house hold members and valuable belonging are being protected. Using high security locks can decrease dramatically a potential theft and maximize the well being of your family. Pro Keys locksmiths in Dallas Fort Worth are authorized to install and handle all types of high security locks and are fully equipped with assortment of premium quality high security locks. Increase the protection and safety of your home today! Call us now for more details 972-865-6730

Rekeying Locks by Professional Locksmith technicians

Lock Rekey is a process in which the lock of a door is removed, and the interior pins combination of lock is being altered to a new one, completely disabling access to previous keys. A new set of keys is provided to the customer. Residential Rekey is a great option to consider when your locks are in good condition and when you need to disable or limit access to individuals that posses a key for your residence. Rekeying method is often used after burglary, to retrieve maximum security of your residence. Pro Keys locksmiths in Dallas Fort Worth, TX are licensed, bonded and insured service technicians that are authorized to rekey residential and commercial property.

Pro Keys locksmiths in Dallas Fort Worth, TX will rekey your residential property like no others! Rekeying residential locks takes much expertise, when a qualified locksmith technician rekeys a residential lock, you can be certain that your house is secure and safe and there will not be any damage to the locks, however, when an inexperienced locksmith rekey residential locks, it is inevitable for these locks to become faulty quickly, and potentially jeopardize your safety! Pro Keys locksmith in Dallas, TX are the number 1 experts in residential properties locks rekey. Our mobile locksmiths will arrive to you promptly and will rekey your locks quickly and efficiently!

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