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Mercedes Keys

Mercedes Keys Replacement, Call us now for  service, Get your key ready

Need replacement keys for your Mercedes? Locked outside of your Car? You are in the right place! mercedes key replacement

Pro-Keys is a local family-owned company that operates in the Dallas Fort-Worth area for years. We provide full extensive automotive lock and keys services for Automotive

If you are locked outside of your vehicle or need a Mercedes key , or even if you need to make a spare key, we can help!

We have a team of professional and experienced locksmith technicians, that will come to your location quickly 24 Hours. Fully stocked with all the right automotive tools and Mercedes car keys, to make sure we can resolve any automotive locksmith situation! No matter how sticky it is!

Mercedes Keys Replacement services

Did you lose your only set of keys for your Car Keys? We know It’s never a pleasant situation. But luckily, we got your back! We can come to your location, and make a replacement key for your Mercedes in no time so that you will be back on the road quickly!

We are available 24-HR and will dispatch a certified automotive locksmith technician quickly!

We believe in honest prices and will not charge you an arm and a leg to make a key for you. You are also no longer forced into paying steep dealership prices or having to deal with towing your car anywhere. We will provide you a “one-stop-shop” style service, where we take care of everything. You have to give us a call 

Get Spare Keys for your Merceds Benz Vehicle

Picture this scenario; You have an early meeting in the office, you barely scratch yourself out of bed and get ready quickly to make it on time. You start your car and then realize you forgot your laptop at home, you run fast, leaving your vehicle running. Get your computer, and when you come back to your Mercedes, you realize you are locked out! Your car is running. OMG! Well, whats next? You are late already, and can’t even spare 1o extra minutes to wait for a technician to come and open your car. We never wish this situation to anyone but being in the automotive locksmith service enough time, we know for a fact these situations occur daily.

You can quickly resolve this issue in 1 minute, grab your spare set of keys for your Mercedes!

We strongly recommend that you will always keep a set of spare keys for your Mercedes in your home! You will never know when you will need them!

Call us now for 24-Hours service

Lockout and emergency automotive locksmith services for Mercedes

If you are locked outside of your vehicle, no matter what time it is, We got your back!

We will come to your location quickly and unlock your Mercedes, without causing any damage to your car.

We also provide a full, extensive line of automotive locksmith service. Such as Ignition replacement for Mercedes, Keys extraction from ignition for Mercedes, Cylinder rekeys for your Mercedes, Mercedes Key Replacement and much more. Contact us now to inquire about our emergency automotive locksmith services: 

Recovered Theft

If you rescued a stolen vehicle, the safest thing to do is to rekey your car. It just means we disable the previous set of keys, so they no longer work on your Mercedes door and get you a new set of replacement keys.



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