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Pro Keys Locksmith, Your local reliable locksmiths in Dallas, fort worth TX and surrounding areas! licensed bonded and insured

About Us
Pro-Keys Locksmith services is a local, family owned and operated company that provides full line of services for Residential, Commercial, Automotive and Emergency locksmith in Dallas, Fort worth, TX and neighboring cities. We have a large crew of service technician that offer ’round the clock assistance in case of any locksmith situations, all of our expert locksmith technicians are licensed bonded and insured to practice locksmith in the state of Texas, and have a vast experience of a minimum of 5+ years in the field, some of our 24 hours emergency locksmith senior technicians possess the great expertise of over 20 years! Our fast response time is one of our many benefits, we guarantee to the fastest arrival time in the DFW metroplex to your service call- in less than 30 minutes, we will arrive to your location fully equipped with the best locksmith tools and equipments, to ensure a smooth, quick experience for our clients.


Why us?
Locksmith means security, and when it comes to the security and safety of your Home, Business or Vehicle, you will probably agree that only the best will do. Pro-Keys locksmith in Dallas and fort worth, TX is the leading, most reputable locksmith company in DFW. Our expertise is second to none, all of our service technicians will provide you with world class care in all aspects, when you choose us, you choose your local locksmith from your hometown, credible and dependable service technicians, that will deliver the highest quality solutions to all of your locksmith requirements. When it comes to security of your home, business or car, money shouldn’t be the number one concern, having that said, we, at Pro-Keys locksmith believe in fair and honest rates, we stick to a firm transparent pricing policy, we will quote you before hand, making sure you know exactly what you are paying for up-front, so when you make the decision to select Pro-Keys locksmith in Dallas,FW area, you are making a knowledgeable decision.</font size>

Our Locksmith services:
Pro-Keys locksmith in Dallas, fort worth, TX offers an array of locksmith services, some of our services include but are not limited to the following: House lockouts, Car and Trunk lockouts, Lock rekey, Lock change, Fresh locks installation, Car keys replacement and much more.</font size>

Residential Locksmith:
Home is where the heart is, home is your safe-zone, that warm place that you feel free and secure, and that is how a home should always remain- Secure and safe. So, when you need a locksmith service in Dallas, fort worth TX area, that will secure your home for you, please consider us as your service providers. We offer complete line of residential locksmith services and are licensed, bonded and insured, for your protection and calmness of mind.
House Change and rekey of locks:
why change or rekey locks?
There are numerous reasons for one’s need or desire to change locks or rekey locks, moving to a new house or apartment, or sometimes-to disable access to a person that has the keys for your house. Either way, when you are choosing to do so, it is to protect yourself and your household members and to make sure your home is as secure as possible.
First, let us explain what is the difference between lock rekey and lock change; A lock rekey is when you are changing the pins in a mechanism of a pre-existing lock, when doing so, you are disabling the entrance and usage of previous keys, and enabling access to lock using a brand new key, if you have multiple locks at your home that are currently functioning on the same key, or have a master key system, in most cases, it is possible to rekey all of the locks to match one key that will open all of them. Locks rekey is a recommended option if the pre-existing locks are in good shape, however, in cases that it’s not possible, another option is to <b>change the locks</b>, residential locks change is essentially removing previous installed locks and replacing them with brand new locks, you would sometimes prefer to change the locks over rekeying because of several reasons, sometimes, old locks can not be rekeyed, or are too old and not as secure anymore. Sometimes, its the visual that disturbs you , and you want the new locks to match the design of your home, at times, you just feel like you want to maintain your home’s security by randomly changing your locks, with no specific reason but ensuring home’s top safety.
When you are choosing a locksmith provider to rekey or change your locks, if shouldn’t be a off-handed, light-weight decision, you must opt for professionalism and credibility, a company that has years of experience and that is known for it’s reputation and expertise. Only experienced and dependable locksmith service technicians are required in order to ensure that the locks will be installed properly, unfortunately , there are some locksmiths that are lacking the required experience in order to perform well on this kind of job, and just cause more damage, and the client ending up paying double. If a lock isn’t installed or rekeyed with much expertise, the chances of that lock to wear off, break, or become faulty quickly, are almost inevitable, that is why, you should choose a company like us, with credibility, reputation and expertise, as well as honest, fair rates that suites every pocket, all of our residential locks work comes with a limited 90 days warranty, for your ease of mind. Our locksmith experts are able to install or rekey an assortment of locks, high-security locks, dead-bolts and door knobs, magnetic locks, keyless entry, smart locks, code door locks and digital code door locks. If you want to add extra security to your home by installing an additional lock, we are able to go over some possibilities with you. When you need reliable locksmiths in Dallas, Fort worth, TX and surrounding areas, we are definitely the people you want to show at your door step. Contact us now for more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our highly skilled, friendly service locksmith technician in Dallas and fort worth , TX area!</font size>

Commercial Locksmith:
Pro-Keys Locksmith is proud to herby announce that we are the most professional,top rated locksmith company in the Dallas, Fort Worth TX area and neighboring cities. Over the years, we had the honor to work with some of the leading companies in the USA, mega chain stores, such as Forever 21, Chilly’s, Carolina Herrera, North park malls, and multiple construction companies, are choosing our commercial locksmith service in Dallas fort worth TX area. Why? When it comes to commercial locksmith services, we are speaking whole different ball game, the required expertise for handling commercial locks, has to be vast and rich, there are many different type of commercial locks there are used on doors in facilities and buildings, that require a whole different care and approach then your regular standard residential locks. Our commercial locksmiths in Dallas, FW and nearby cities are licensed by the state of Texas and posses the experience of a minimum of 5+ years, we also train of locksmiths on regular basis to ensure their ability to handle any commercial lock and hardware. You need to make sure your enterprise is well secured at all times, when it comes to public properties and facilities, like schools, super-markets, malls, stores, government buildings air-ports, ect’, it is not only a matter of keeping your funds and merchandise safe, but keeping the lives of the attending people safe. If you are in a need to maintain, install, repair or rekey any of your commercial locks, or specialty hardware such as closed circuit televisions, high security locks, automatic door closers, access control locks, or panic hardware, consider our well experienced commercial locksmiths as your go to company for all of your commercial locksmith necessities in Dallas, Fort worth TX, and nearby locations.
Our quick response time is guaranteed to be the fastest in our area, we are available for you 24/7 for any case of emergency.
We are your expert locksmiths for all of your commercial needs! contact us to schedule an appointment/consultation.

Automotive locksmith in Dallas fort worth, TX.
Need car keys replacement? Lost your only set of car keys? We can assist!
Pro-Keys locksmith offers extensive automotive locksmith services in Dallas Fort worth, TX. Our large are of citified, expert technicians are available 24 hours a day can arrive to your location quickly, in order to replace your car keys. Did you know what we also repair and replace faulty ignitions, and are able to program keys for you?

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