Commercial Locksmith Services

Pro-Keys Locksmith is proud to be the leading local locksmith company for all of your commercial locksmith needs

Pro-Keys Locksmith is a local locksmith company that has operated in the DFW area for over a decade.

With over 12 years of experience in the commercial locksmith field, we provide service for virtually every type of commercial locksmith need.

We have worked with some of the leading companies in the USA. Some of our clients are Forever 21, Carolina Hererra, Chilly’s, North Park Mall, and many more. These major national businesses keep choosing us as their commercial locksmith service provider because we deliver the highest quality of service in all aspects. From start to end, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

With our vast experience, your mind can be at ease, knowing you are letting the utmost professionals handle your commercial locksmith needs.

When it comes to the safety and security of your business, you will agree that only the best will do. Commercial property locks are very different than those of residential properties. In commercial properties, doors are customarily used more frequently. Some entries in commercial properties can open and close hundreds of times daily; thus, the wear of these locks is more significant. If these locks are not installed correctly, and with tremendous expertise, the chances of them wearing off rapidly and becoming faulty are almost inevitable. Specialty locks such as; push bar and panic bar locks, mortise locks, lever handles, and glass door locks are usually installed in commercial properties. Significant expertise is required to ensure these locks are permanently installed properly. Our commercial locksmith technicians are trained and qualified to install, or rekey any of the waves mentioned above, efficiently and in the most efficient matter possible.

We at Pro-Keys Commercial Locksmith understand how stressful having to rekey or change locks in a significant business site can be, especially when you need to run your business. You want the job done fast, efficiently, and in the most professional manner. When performing a job of this sort, we are the only commercial locksmith company you want to contact. Over the years, we gained so much experience that we can run the show alone while you can attend to your daily business management. Your mind will be peaceful knowing you are letting the best in the field handle one of the most sensitive aspects of your business- SAFETY. Only the best and most skilled commercial locksmith technician can do the job right when all previously mentioned traits are required to achieve smooth, hassle-free results. It would help if you chose Pro Keys Commercial Locksmith as your service provider. Contact us now 



Emergency Business lockouts

Door closers and continuous hinges

ADA hardware

Electronic access control

Emergency Lockouts

Grade 1 hardware

High security/Restricted key systems

Intercom/Access Control points

Keyless Entry Systems

Alarm Locks

Commercial Locks re-keyed

Magnetic locks

DTEX Locks

Master key & key control systems

Mortise locks serviced and installed

High-Security Dead Bolt Locks

Bump Prove Locks


Panic Device Hardware

Glass Door frame Locks

Commercial Locksmith Services Deadbolts Locks install and repair Replace lost keys High-security deadbolts locks Rekey Locks for commercial locks Mortis locks. We also Create master key system Rim cylinders Heavy, duty Locks repair and replace Key entry knobs and 24 hours lockout service, and provide Keyless access system Office lockout service.

Commercial Locksmith Services in Dallas, TX

As a business owner, you know the primary line of defense against burglary and theft is the locks installed in your commercial property. Maintaining maximum protection by installing high-quality locks will protect your business and provide you peace of mind. 

Hiring a commercial locksmith in Dallas, Tx, should always be a timely and relaxed decision. You must first verify that the local commercial locksmith in Dallas, TX, is licensed by the state of Texas and has proven experience installing commercial locks on businesses.

Pro Keys Locksmith is proud to be a local, family-owned, operated company based in the heart of Dallas, TX. As local Dallas commercial locksmiths for generations, we had the privilege to provide our splendid commercial locksmith service to some of the most well-known local and national businesses. Some of our customers are Forever 21, North Park Mall, MC’cdonalds, Carolina Herrera, Chilly’s, Apple, and many more! These significant companies decided to use our services because we deliver at the utmost in all aspects. Our trained commercial locksmith technicians are qualified to handle any lock and key situation.

Excellent customer care is our top priority, and when you choose to use our commercial locksmith Dallas, TX services, you are not only choosing a great company that will provide you with professional locksmith services. But a company that cares about you as an individual. We strive to please you and ensure your experience with us is flawless and pleasant.

Our translucent rates and quotes will never shock you once the job is completed. There are no hidden fees and no surprises in the middle of labor. What we quote is what you pay. Good locksmith service shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, so we ensure to keep our rates as reasonable and affordable as possible while maintaining top-quality materials, equipment, and labor.

Billing options for businesses.

We are incredibly flexible with billing options for corporations and small businesses. We can accommodate your need asap and receive the payment later. Our billing options may vary depending on the scope of labor that needs to be done and the type of business you have.

Look no further and book your free estimate for quality locksmith services in Dallas, TX.

Services we provide

The need for security for businesses may vary, which is why we offer a full spectrum of quality local commercial locksmith services in Dallas, TX. It doesn’t matter whether you need your locks rekeyed or changed. Install a keyless entry lock, and create an elaborated multi-locations master key system. We also provide access control systems, install a push bar or lever handles, or merely unlock your commercial door-we got you covered 360 degrees. There is not a project too small or too big for us to operate, and there is no commercial locksmith situation we can’t fix. Our expertise and professionalism are indeed our number 1 and most valuable traits. An experience can never be purchased with money.

How to maintain maximum security in your business

Your business is more than just a workplace. It is your source of livelihood and something you invested in, monetary and emotionally, and keeping your enterprise safe should be your number 1 priority. As a local commercial locksmith in Dallas, TX comes into the picture and do our best to guarantee that all aspects are covered and there are no holes where there might be a security glitch that can lead to potential theft. Over the years, with our experience as a commercial locksmith company in Dallas, TX. We acquired a lot of knowledge of maintaining your property at top security. Here are some valuable tips that might assist you in making your commercial property as safe as possible.

* Upon moving to a new facility, immediately rekey or change all the locks. You can never know how many people have keys to that property and who can gain instant access to your facility. This is why this should be the top priority, Contact a local commercial locksmith in Dallas, TX, shortly after you move to the new facility. Take your time, even a day. We witnessed a lot of cases in which the business owner stayed with this, resulting in the burglary and theft of valuable possessions.

* Hand keys to only trusted personnel. Keys are the sharpest object regarding the security of your business, and only authorized persons should have keys handy. Only be tempted to hand keys to new employees once you have tested their integrity and loyalty to your company.

* Install high-tech security gear. Installing security cameras is crucial in making your enterprise as safe as possible. A security camera not only makes thieves afraid when they see it but even if something did happen, you have footage to show the police and insurance company and can save thousands, if not much more.