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Trilogy Locks


Pro-Keys locksmith in Dallas Fort-Worth, TX is a local, family owned and operated locksmith company that specializes in Trilogy locks installation. We are licensed, bonded and insured for your protection, and posses experience of over a decade in all fields of residential, automotive and commercial locksmith in Dallas Fort-Worth, TX. We are qualified to install trilogy locks and can guarantee that you will receive top notch service from A TO Z. Our qualified locksmith service technicians in the Dallas metroplex are quipped with state of the art Trilogy locks and have the right tools and knowledge to install Trilogy locks on all types of commercial doors, such as glass doors, metal doors as well as wooden doors.

What are Trilogy Locks?
Trilogy Locks are keyless entry locks that operate wirelessly and allow you to control and limit access to certain areas in your residence or business to permitted personnel. Trilogy Locks are programmed manually and easily and can contain 100+ different access codes that can be blocked or removed at any given time, allowing your business to always remain at it’s maximum safety and security at all times. Trilogy Locks are great option for your business if you are trying to minimize and control the entrance of personnel or customers to only a few that you trust to enter the designated area in your business. Another great benefit is when you terminate an employee, there is no need to rekey your facility and pay extra money and waste precious time, you merely disable their individual entrance code and they will not be able to gain access anymore. Trilogy locks are the best, cost-effective solution for a keyless entry lock for your business, it is dramatically cheaper than installing access control locks that operate with cards, and far more effective and easy to handle when you are dealing with a smaller quantity of people who need to gain access to a certain restricted area. Trilogy locks types vary depending on your individual requirement, and our specialists are able to recommend the best option for your needs based on a series of question they will ask you. We highly recomme nd that enterprises such as hospitals, pharmacies, schools, airports, and honestly, probably every type of business that has several employees and clientele to consider evolving in this high-tech, ground breaking and genius alternative to standard locks! Contact us now for a free consultation 972-865-6730

Why us?
Working in the locksmith industry for over a decade, we had the opportunity to work on different small and big commercial projects and have our own fair share of experience in this field. We are not saying it only to brag (maybe a little) but to emphasis that our qualified technicians are able to deliver in the most professional matter possible. When it comes to the safety and security of your business, you want to make sure you are dealing with the best, there is no margin for error since commercial gear, doors and equipment is usually pricey, you DO NOT want to let someone who isn’t experienced enough to deal and potentially cause damage to your door or locks. When you choose Pro-Keys Locksmith and Security in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX you

    choose to be at peace of mind,

knowing you are letting the best handle and serve you, at this very delicate need of protecting your source of livelihood. Call us now at 972-865-6730

Trilogy Locks VS. Traditional Locks; what are the benefits?
You might play with the thought of upgrading your traditional commercial lock into a wireless keyless entry lock such as a Trilogy lock, but you aren’t convinced enough that this is worth the investment, or you can also have a fear of not being able to handle or program the Trilogy lock, or you just don’t trust technology enough to replace your ordinary lock to a much more advanced one. If you are conflicting with these issues, we are here to shed some light and explain to you the benefits and advantages a Trilogy lock has over a traditional commercial lock.
First we must begin with explaining the mechanism and the way the Trilogy lock functions on your door. Essentially, the mechanism is similar to a mechanism of a standard lock in the sense that the cylinder locks and unlocks itself by inserting to a slot at the door frame, a traditional lock has a key way that that can be turned with the right key, and this is as simple as 123. Trilogy locks function similarly to a standard lock, the major difference is that instead of inserting a psychical key, you enter a code and when the code is correct, the lock mechanism recognize it and unlocks the door. See, not that complicated, right?
There are many benefits trilogy locks have over standard commercial locks, we made a list of a few major benefits so you will have a better understating how this type of lock can transform the safety and security of your business, and make your life much easier!

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